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Kathe Kruse - Waldorf Doll, I Love You




Waldorf dolls stimulate the imagination and invite creative play

The Clothing are made child-friendly and can be easily put on and off

The handmade or hand-painted faces are lovingly and yet in the spirit of the Waldorf philosophy, simple

Video Review Kathe Kruse - Waldorf Doll, I Love You

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Mini It's Me Waldorf Dolls. The Kathe Kruse brand stands for faith, quality and healthy, age appropriate development. What's not to love about these dolls! Kathe ...

Soft and warm Waldorf dolls from Kathe Kruse are 12 and 15 inches are exactly the right size and type of doll friend for a kindergartner with hair to style and ...

I believe this is a Kathe Kruse waldorf doll. Its very interesting to see how a waldorf doll is made on a mass level. Kathe Kruse:‎