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Durex Prolong Condom, 12 Count




For Him: Condoms contain heat activated climax control lubricant on the inside and silky smooth lubricant on the outside

For Her: Condoms have a ribbed and dotted texture for added sensation

Ultra fine ribbed and dottend latex condoms with delay lubricant (male genital desensitizer)

Easy on shape makes condoms easier to put on and more comfortable to wear

Each condom is 100% electronically tested for strength, flexibility and reliability

Video Review Durex Prolong Condom, 12 Count

''I love satisfying my partner but I often climax before she does which is frustrating. Climaxing together makes good sex even better.'' New Mutual Climax has ... Watch this video to learn about Durex Mutual Climax 12 Pack. Product Details: -No ...

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