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COLOR WOW Dream Coat, Supernatural Spray, 6.7 Fl. oz.




Magically transforms texture, amazing humidity-proofing powers

Lasts up to 3 shampoos

Anti-humidity, anti-static and UV filter to guard against fade

Video Review COLOR WOW Dream Coat, Supernatural Spray, 6.7 Fl. oz.

How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair using Color Wow Dream Coat: Step-by-Step Guide of how to tame frizzy hair using the 1st anti-humidity sealant so hair doesn't puff or frizz in high humidity. ...

This styling cream hydrates dry hair anytime, anywhere to instantly refresh style. Apply to dry hair to transform damaged-looking, distressed hair into liquidy-smooth, silky hair with healthy-looki...

Color Wow Dreamcoat Amazing Transformation Products used: Color Wow's Color Security Shampoo, Color Security Conditioner, and Dreamcoat. This short video shows you how to make an amazing...

Color Wow Dreamcoat Full Demo This is a how-to video on how to get the best results from Color Wow's amazing new Dreamcoat anti-humidity styling spray. This is a full demo performed by Giles...